Published Books!


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We have been working so hard on our writing at school!  We just finished learning about how to write true narratives about things that are important to us.  We also learned how to edit our stories using an editing checklist.  Examples of your child’s work were sent home this week.  Every child now has a “published book” that we will keep in a special place in our classroom library so others can read their writing.  It is so exciting to watch our first-grade writers learn how to write and express themselves.  🙂




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This week in math we focused on looking for patterns.  We found patterns on the 100 grid and we made our own patterns with pattern blocks.  Then we gave them names, such as ABABAB or 11231123. The kids had lots of fun coming up with their own repeating designs.  Where else can you find patterns?  Maybe you can go for a pattern search together at home.

Porcupine Den


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One of the best things about our nature walks out in the woods is that they help build excellent friendships and a sense of community in our classroom.  We love being explorers together.


This week our exciting news is that Dawn helped us find a PORCUPINE DEN!!  Here are some brave first graders peeking in for a look.  This experience turned into excellent stories during writing workshop.

We were out on an Animal Home Scavenger Hunt, and we found lots of exciting things.

It was so lovely meeting you all at PT conferences!!  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me about your child.  I look forward to the day when we can get together in person in the classroom so you can see our space at school.  Until then, here is a peek at our calming corner.  Definitely a favorite with the kids!

And here is what we are working on during Fundations:  digraphs!

Have a great weekend!  🙂

First Grade News!


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We have been working so hard on making our own 100 Charts this week.  You should see them coming home in the backpacks today.

Here are our hard-working first-grade readers and writers!  Lots of stories were sent home this week.  I hope you enjoyed reading them with your child.

We went on a nature walk on Wednesday and collected leaves from 5 trees on our school property.  Then we brought them inside to compare how they are similar and different.  Now we are making a leaf book and trying to identify each leaf.

We are also talking a lot about teamwork and how to be a good work partner.  We practiced this out at our low ropes course in the woods.  It was definitely helpful to have a good partner help us across the wire! When we got back to the classroom we wrote about what makes a good partner.

Nature Letters and Nature Math


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We went out to the woods on Wednesday to look for more letters hiding in nature.  Look what we found!


We also went outside to look for nature items that we could use to make a picture of the 10 FRIENDS we are learning about in math.  Then we brought them in and tried to come up with different combinations of numbers that equal 10.

Here are our 10 FRIENDS hanging up in our classroom.

And some of the math work we are doing to learn about what numbers make 10. This is an activity you could practice at home with your child.


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