End of Year


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Goodbye, First Grade!  It has been such a wonderful, fun year together.  Here are some photos of the end-of-year projects we have been working on.  Hope everyone has a fantastic, adventurous summer!!  Marla and I are so proud of you.  You have grown and learned so much together this year.  🙂



First Grade Fun


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Hello, First Grade Fans!  We have been so busy at school.  I have a lot of projects to share with you.

Have you watched Storyline yet with your children?   It is our favorite place to listen to books being read by famous people.  Last Friday, we listed to The Hula-Hoopin Queen read by Oprah Winfrey, and then had a hula hoopin’ party!

Last week we took our math and science lessons outdoors.  We went down to the stream to explore, observe, and test the temperature of the water.  We made a graph of the results and compared it to the temperature of the water last month.

Ana has been here making puppets with us!  We will put on a puppet show for the kindergarteners next Friday.  Your child will bring home the script to show you over the weekend.

We also wrote and published our own opinion books!  The kids celebrated by reading them to each other and then to the second graders yesterday.  They were so proud of their work.

Finally, we brought them to the LIBRARY today to join the other published books so others can read and appreciate our work.  To celebrate, we had a donut party, too.  It was national donut day.  🙂

Thanks for sharing in all our fun projects!


Outdoor Adventures


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Spring is the perfect time to take our science lessons outdoors.  Here is a peek at some of our class adventures outside!


Ponds, Vernal Pools, and Streams


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We have started our new outdoor unit.  We will be studying the water habitats around our school!  We did some print-making with Ms. Neal to begin our unit and made this beautiful bulletin board outside our classroom.  Below is a photo of the tadpole and frog egg we found in the vernal pool and a page from a nature journal that a student wrote after we did sit spots out near the stream.

Disney Day!


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Today was Disney Day!

Oh, the fun and excitement in the room!!

A huge thank you to Miss Michaela who planned the day for us.

Some kids went around the school asking teachers what their favorite Disney character was.  We made a tally chart of the results and reported it back to our class.


The afternoon was full of creative fun!  We will be so sad to see Miss Michaela leave, but we are so happy she will be back to visit us as a substitute teacher in our class on Wednesdays.


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