Last Day of School!

Good Morning, First Grade!

Today is our last day of school!  How did that happen so fast?!?  I hope you know how much I will miss you this summer and how excited I am for you as you move on to Second Grade.  Please remember that you will always be First Grade Superstars to me, and I hope you come back and visit me next year!  What are your plans for the summer?  I hope HAVING FUN is on top of your list!  Look out for an envelope coming from me  in your mailbox next week, addressed to YOU…a FIRST GRADE GRADUATE!!!!  I am so proud of you.  Nice work, First Grade. 🙂



SUPER BIG DANCE PARTY:  You did it!!  🙂



Another reason to celebrate:

Look at this excellent teaching book Grant made on Salamanders.  What kind of book would you like to make this summer?


Things to work on this summer….

Below is a list of activities you can work on this summer to help you prepare for Second Grade.  


  • Here is an online Memory Book using Google Slides that you can complete with help from someone at home. Just make a copy of the one I sent you and start filling in your favorite parts of the school year.   You can even insert photographs into it!  I would suggest that you go through our classroom blog and find photos of activities we did earlier in the year.  It will help you remember all we learned this year.  You can take photos from the blog to insert them into your own Memory Book.  If you prefer a paper copy, you can find one here.  Print out the pages that look fun to you.  


  • Here is a link to a PADLET I created for the class to use as a way to say goodbye to each other for the summer.  Please click on the above link and then click on the pink + sign in the lower right corner.  Then you will be able to add a comment for everyone to see.  What would you like to post on our “classroom wall” for all your classmates to read?  Here are some ideas:


    • The best part of First Grade was…..
    • Thank you for….
    • I hope …….
    • I wish……..
    • I remember……..

You can, of course, come up with your own ideas!  Just keep it friendly and positive.  This is a place to wish your classmates well and celebrate all the learning you did together this year.  


  • Take this End Of Year Math Test to see how you do on the math concepts we learned this year.  If there are certain things that are hard for you, that may be something you want to work on this summer.  
  • Get out your Summer Math Challenge and try to complete it by the end of the summer.  
  • Some good math websites to work on this summer to keep practicing  your math facts:  Symphony, Prodigy and Starfall


  • List to the book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.    In this story, Chester is feeling hesitant about returning to school.  How are you feeling about going back to school and starting a new grade with a new teacher?  Maybe you can write a letter to Ms. Gray and tell her all the things she needs to know about you.  Tell her your hopes and concerns for Second Grade.  I am sure she would love to hear from you! You can send her your letter at  
  • READ EVERY DAY!!  Take out your Summer Reading Challenge.  Color the cover, make a big stack of books you want to read, and get ready to read this summer!  Write about the books you really enjoy.  Try to complete it by the end of the summer.  
  • Lexia Try to finish Level 9 before Second Grade if you haven’t already.  


  • You just got a brand new phonics workbook a few weeks ago that we did not have time to finish.  This summer you can work on any of the pages you think might help you become a better reader and speller.



  • MISSION JOURNAL #15:  Look back on your time of remote learning and your time in First Grade.  What are the happy parts that you want to hold onto and keep doing?  You can make a list of all the things you are most proud of. 
  • Try to Keep a Journal  this summer as a way to keep writing while you are away from school.    


  • Take all the poems you wrote the past couple weeks and edit them with this editing checklist.  Is there anything you want to add or change to make them better?  When you are done,  you can put them together into a poetry book.  Make a pretty cover for it.  Then you will have another book to add to your collection!  I will send home all the books you wrote at school that are in our classroom library so you can have all your books together to share with others.  YOU ARE A WRITER and we are so proud of you!!

SCIENCE:  Continue to be curious and observe all the things in nature around you.  Here is the Science Observation  form we used in school to help us make observations about what we were learning about.  Take this outside with you and explore like a scientist! Or use this Animal Research Report to write about any animals you are interested in.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Continue to read about the world around us on PebbleGo. Make sure to read all the pages in each book, watch the video, and look at the timeline or map if there is one.  There are many people who are working, or have worked, to make the world a better place.  Learn about them!  Let them inspire you.  


  • Come back to visit me when we return to school to make one more trip to the Treasure Chest!  You will always be a First Grade Superstar to me, and I look forward to watching you continue to grow in Second Grade next year.  

Happy Summer!!



Stevebidmead / Pixabay

Questions?  I’ll be checking email all summer, so feel free to reach out!