Porcupine Den


Posted by Alissa | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on January 12, 2022

Welcome back to school 2022!

It’s so good to have all of our first-grade friends back with us.  On one of our first days back, we went out to visit that porcupine den we found out in the woods in the Fall.  The kids couldn’t wait to see what had changed.  So many questions started coming up.  What does that porcupine do in there all winter?  It’s so cold!

Then we invited our local naturalist and animal expert, Dawn, to visit our classroom to teach us about porcupines.  She brought books, photos, porcupine skat, feet imprints, and even a SKULL!!  None of us could believe how big those teeth are on a porcupine! We asked her so many questions and she patiently answered everyone.

After that, we saw porcupines popping up in the kids’ artwork, block building, and stories as we’ve started talking more about what superpowers animals need to survive the winter.  We’ve decided to make it our winter study integrating non-fiction writing, research, and animal adaptations.  We came up with a list of questions we will use to guide our research

If you happen to be outside around school someday, have your child bring you down to our porcupine den!  I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot about it as our study enfolds over the next several weeks.



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